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2018 March Madness Mud Run Results
Mud Run Fun
Mud Run Fun mud wall Mud Run Fun Mud Run Fun Mud Run Fun

Warning!! This ain’t no color run! This is a true challenge course for you to approach at your own pace. Be competitive, or just prove you can complete this obstacle mud run for bragging rights.

Our course includes more obstacles than a lot of major (Tuff Mudder Type) mud runs. We start with your first obstacle with a run over 2 mud moguls.  The following obstacles fall in order during your run: cargo net climb . log hurdles . rope water cross . swim across neck and vinyl water fall climb . 30’ log over water balancing cross . double log cross . and then you enter the creek swamp challenge.

You must climb over logs in the creek and run in the mud until you reach the (under the net) mud crawl. You continue to run in the swamp mud until you reach the next water log cross, taking you to the canal leading you under the bridge and over one tall wall of dirt only to reach one more wall of dirt.

You will now continue to the floating wall (the same as used for British Marine Special Forces training) and then continue to the broken bridge consisting of 153 feet of moving floating blocks to cross. Finally, finish with our four racing rafts. You must balance yourself and pull yourself to the island to ring the cow bell and race back to the shore to declare the winner.

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  • 2 mud moguls
  • cargo net climb
  • log hurdles
  • ropes water cross
  • vinyl water fall climb
  • 30' log-over-water balance
  • double log cross
  • creek swamp challenge
  • military mud crawl
  • water log cross
  • dual walls of mud
  • floating wall climb
  • broken floating bridge
  • Tom Sawyer style raft race


For only $4, take home a "Bragging Rights Dog tag" to show your friends you have completed your run or walk.
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Mud Run Fun Mud Run Fun Mud Run Fun Mud Run Fun mud run
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March Madness Mud Run 2018 Final Results
Male Division Winners
Place Name


1st Marco Solis* 34:34.21
2nd Robert Green 35:28.09
Youth: Thomas Kent 66:49.36
*also 2017 winner with time: 35:45.50
Female Division Winners
Place Name Time
1st Penelope Pope 42:18.28
2nd Rachel Jordan 48:04.66
Team Division Winners
Some Bad Mamajamas Time
Marco Solis 34:34.21
Robert Green 35:28.09
Josh Coldiron 38:10.83
Rickie Thompson 45:16.66
Anthony Simpson 52:06.88
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Male Division - Top 15   Female Division - Top 15
  Place Name


1 1st Marco Solis 34:34.21
2 2nd Robert Green 35:28.09
3 3rd Ty Jordan 35:42.28
4 4th Josh Coldiron 38:10.83
5 5th Tommy Anderson 38:52.57
6 6th Christian Montano 39:02.03
7 7th Austin White 40:22.49
8 9th Clay Hunter 40:52.55
9 10th Darrin McKittrick 41:29.93
10 11th Cesar Guerrero 42:11.44
11 13th Miguel Fabbiani 43:15.87
12 14th Alan Hale 44:03.34
13 15th Nick McNeel 44:25.18
14 16th Rickie Thompson 47:16.66
15 18th Geovanny Alzate 48:21.98
  Place Name Time
1 12th Penelope Pope 42:18.28
2 17th Rachel Jordan 48:04.66
3 20th Shanda English 51:45.98
4 21st Lizzie Macias 52:06.27
5 25th Lacy Coldiron 55:06.02
6 26th Hope Howard 55:25.16
7 27th Rubi Yepez 55:32.08
8 30th Callie Huggins 60:25:82
9 31st Chelsea Bartuska 60:41.35
10 32nd Catie Glenn 61:08.93
11 33rd Jesi Mitchell 61:28.78
12 34th Rachel West 61:44.96
13 35th Tammy Daniel 61:56.94
14 44th Shalyn Snyder 67:12.60
15 45th Chelsy Cameron 67:46.70

5543 US Highway 259 North . Diana, Texas  . 903-968-6924 (If no answer, phone: 903-736-5155.)

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